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A Note from your Pastor (October 3, 2018)

Dear VICC family,


Thank you all so much for the chance to take a break these past three weeks. It was very refreshing for the girls and I to get away for a week at the coast at the beginning of my break. A couple from Bethel Church made their beach house available to us, for which we were very grateful. When we returned, the girls went back to their routines and I took the next two weeks to pray, think, and get some much-needed home projects done. My library has been downsized and moved home to the spare room. Nichole’s grandmother’s bedroom set is now gracing our master bedroom. And many other home projects large and small are taken care of. As any homeowner knows, the to-do list never ends, but it was nice to get a few things done. So, thank you.


God gave me a lot of time to think while I was away from pastoral responsibilities, and it has led to several new personal resolutions as your pastor. I won’t share all of them, but I will share two resolutions I believe God has given me. One resolution is the resolution to write a letter to you, the congregation, every week (or as close to that as possible). I considered sending the letters snail mail. But in this digital age, they will come as emails, generally on Wednesdays when I am in the church office. I will also copy and paste the letters to the church blog so people can reference them there if they so desire. Another resolution the Lord has led me to is the resolution to daily rest in God. To, by God’s grace, learn to live my days in “active” rest. Life is busy, and we all have several demands on our lives day-in and day-out. But with God’s help I am endeavoring to remember, each day, that God is the “first mover” (to quote an ancient philosopher). That before we awoke, God was at work. That before we were born, God had already designed our days. That life and history and this moment right now are far more in God’s hands than in ours. We are not the authors of our own lives. I believe we can rest in God even as we work. I know I won’t be good at this every moment of every day, remembering to be in “active rest,” but I hope and pray (and trust) I will get better at it. And I am praying that you will, too.


Your partner on the journey,

Pastor Mike

Mikael IvaskaComment